Celebrity star’s ghost talks…..

A celebrity stars ghost asked me to send a message for him and taught me something in return.  Many have, upon meeting me, told me that they were a celebrity in another life.  And that’s entirely possible.  As for me, I can’t remember being anything other than an everyday person.  Another thing for me too is that I generally don’t ask celebrity ghosts to come see me.  But they do on occasion.
For two days, last year, I think it was, a tall man continued to show himself to me.  That’s not unusual.  He was just so insistent.  Most of the time, I watch them come and go and never ask who they are but he continued to make sure he was in my line of sight.  As a matter of fact on the second night, after a hard workday, he walked between the television and me.  And it was something I wanted to watch.  That was enough.  I turned to Claude and asked, “Who is the man in black?” because that was what he was dressed in.  Immediately, as Claude said, “Johnny Cash,” I heard the man say, “John R. Cash” and I said it as Claude was speaking. 
Now, I didn’t know his name was John R Cash.  Just barely liked his songs.  Oh, there was one or two I liked but he wasn’t someone I would just ask to come see me.  He had a message for someone I know.  Because I’m very leery of coming out as a celebrity medium, I decided I wasn’t going to give the person he wanted me to the message.  That’s when I got a good talking to by the other side. 
You see, we all put our panties on in the same way, one leg at a time.   A chorus told me that I wasn’t being fair just because he was well known.  They were right. 
I had the opportunity to give the message and had it confirmed by the recipient.  The only thing was that I just couldn’t let it go.  That’s when I asked, “Why would he tell me that his name was John R. Cash?”
“Because that was his name,” he answered.
Well, you learn something every day.
Da Juana