A stranger…..

Some time ago, I met a lady who professes to be a Christian. Within ten minutes of meeting her, I saw her lie to three people and smile while doing so. Though I was in a very uncomfortable position, I watched in fascination. She wears her Christianity on her sleeve. Yet she feels comfortable enough to be able to lie, barefaced to people and feel no guilt.


It is not my place to judge and I guess that I am at fault for doing so but I think Christians should be people who do good works like Jesus. His main message was to love others as they love themselves. I guess that is hard when people don’t love themselves. But, as a Christian, you should have the love of God in your heart and therefore be loving to others as well because the light of your spirit is supposed to light up the way so that non-believers can find you, see the honesty of your spirit, and wish to become more like you.


When a person lies to others, they not only do a disservice to themselves but they hurt others too. Watching this woman interact with others made me aware of my own actions. I tend to be so busy that I sometimes forget that I should take a moment with others. On this day, I was able to take that moment. Her first lie was that she cared about the people speaking with her. She was only nice because she wanted something from them. We are all guilty of that at times. Then I watched her lie to two others about items she supposedly had just witnessed.


One thing she did for me was to make me want to become more sincere. For instance, when you say hello to a stranger and ask about their day. Take a moment to really hear them. Don’t just accept that they had a nice day. You have just committed your attention to them. So listen to see if they really are having a nice day. Otherwise, just say hello and walk away.


Da Juana