A sweet woman named Susan replied to my blog on men……

A sweet woman named Susan replied to my blog on men in the email below.  She made me feel very good about giving a little more insight into Noah as I did.  Stirring an appetite for thinking and learning is what I’m here to do.  She made me feel as if I’d done something right.  Hope you enjoy it too.More...  

            “Wow! your blog today about Noah, I have to admit was so over my head.  I had             to read it a few times to totally comprehend what you were saying.  Thats what I   like about you and your blog comments.  They really make me think and open my             mind to what is and could be. 

            Due to my Baptist background it sometimes feels uncomfortable to think “outside             the human mind”.    Women are stronger then men I’ve always thought that and             am glad to know someone else agrees.  You are so cool!  I enjoyed reading your     book.  Please write another one soon!!”

Many times people respond to me directly rather than write a response to the blog here.  I truly enjoy reading your feedback.  It makes me want to continue.  Sharing my thoughts, which aren’t always as orderly as some may think, is a wonderful opportunity.  That’s what I came to earth for this time.  Libras’ are good at giving different points of view and I’m one of them.  No subject is off limits because I’m always learning.  That’s what we’re all here for.

So, I’d like to say thanks for reading, thinking and replying to my blog.  When you tell me you’ve read it, whether you like it or not, at least you’re getting another point of view.  We can all learn from each other.

Again, thanks, 

Da Juana