A taste of spring

Today has been a wonderful taste of spring.  While we were out looking for houses, we got to feel the warm sunlight and nice breezes when looking at yards.  The day was made for picnics in the park and zoo expeditions.  But that was not our case today.  Instead we got to look at some wonderful architecture.More... 

Did I tell you that I love looking at houses or rather any buildings that have interesting architecture?  I’m a building bug and go ga ga over older buildings and new ones too.  Probably most would believe that as a psychic I’d have to be rather flighty and not interested in anything with firm foundations but I love firm foundations even fortresses. 

I’m not the kind to invade other people’s houses even if they don’t live there anymore but I did visit the old Cordell plantation, which was open to the world, one time in Bosco, Louisiana.  It’s right on the river and most of the locals know the plantation well.  It was an army hospital in the Civil War.  That was one of the most interesting places.  I waltzed through it going into the past in a way that, because I’m psychic, most never can.  Seeing people working in the hospital and sometimes socializing too, even when the war was so severe, gave me a good look at our past and put me right in the heart of war.  Guess that is one of the reasons I’m so against war.  Another is because we’re supposed to love one another but that one goes right out the window if we have any differences in appearance at all.  In my lives, I’ve been many nationalities and I still can’t see a reason for war.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, if someone hits me, they’re not in for a party but I just wish we could work out events so that everyone benefited.

Let’s see, wasn’t I talking about spring like temperatures?  It’s been a refreshing change and they say we’re about to get another but not as severe as the rest of the country.
Da Juana