A tree…..

Okay, today I want to memorialize a tree that was viciously killed during the storms that rolled through not long ago.  You know my Libra friend, Debra.  She wrote me and gave me permission to use her email so that I could teach a little, that is, if you don’t mind.  Below is her email to me:More...
“Hi Da Juana:
I was on-line (Tues) and I thought I will check Da Juana’s blog   I hope she has some nice nature story.  THUNDER
I just wanted to share this.  I don’t know why this stuff makes me teary eyed but, 
Yesterday morn a big maple tree 50-60 ft. fell on my landlords house (he lives right behind me) down his steps and on to my truck.    They were out in the rain all day yesterday cleaning it up.  And now the neighbor is finishing the tree off because it grows from their property.
But this weekend before the storm, thousands of the maple seeds were twirling down   when we were little we called them PUG NOSES, they are all over, the street is covered the ground is covered and it really was not windy this weekend but they were coming down.
This morning I thought   I bet that tree knew it was going.  It knew a storm was coming and it could not withstand another windy storm so it released all its seeds to reproduce.
I just love nature, can’t get enough of it!
In Good Health
And this is my answer to her.  Nature in all it’s finery, and sometimes otherwise, is intuitive.  From dogs to trees, they do know what’s going to happen, more especially when it comes to them.  That’s why you’ve heard dogs and cats go off to die.  They know before hand and wish not to cause others misery but by trying not to, they’re actually causing more. 
Your tree, and its pug noses, was right on target by starting new maples all over the place.  It eulogized itself by reproducing, thus giving more of itself in its afterlife.  Everything is interconnected.  There is nothing that isn’t.
And by the way, you will see that tree again with all its strength and character on the other side if you wish and if it wishes to see you.
Thanks, Debra, for the wonderful thoughts on this beautiful tree, that lost its life with countless others because of nature’s storms.
Da Juana