A well-loved friend brought with her a beautiful yellow-green ghostly presence…

A well-loved friend of mine has visited recently and brought with her a beautiful yellow-green ghostly presence.

As she gets comfortable in her favorite chair for our conversation, I can see this ghostly persona move into position behind and to the side of her. The color of this beautiful soul is the same as the color I see around my hands at times but this ghost is a first with visiting me because of her color.

Yellow-green means intelligent healing to me and the feeling of peace when this person visits is overwhelming but not intrusive. The atmosphere is filled with such mellow sentiments that I enjoy both my friend and her other-worldly friend.

As I write this blog and because I’m constantly communing with the other side, I’m beginning to realize that this ghostly presence is there not only to help her in her everyday existence but to also calm her because this woman is constantly in motion and always thinking.

Ghosts come and go at my home but this one is one I’ll remember for some time to come. And though my friend brings about three souls with her each time she visits, this one stands out. With Godly brightness, this individual seems to dissipate all tension. She’s not that big but she makes a huge manifestation.
And she’s got my rapt attention.

Da Juana

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