A woman…..

As a medium first and a woman second, I sometimes miss doing things that a woman does.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I do a lot that a woman does.More... 

Women have to work, generally twenty-four-seven, especially if they work at home and outside the home, although a little of that time is for sleep.  Yeah!  Right!  You women know that even that time isn’t truly your own for many reasons. 

If you have children, there are times you’re up nights when you hear the first whimper.  Am I right?  If your husband needs help at night, you treat him equally.  Us women know how a man is when he’s sick…..no offense men, but it’s true.  

It’s the same for me now with Madeline, our puppy dog and Claude, my husband.  The only difference is because I’m psychic and a medium, neither has to whimper.  Bet a lot of you mothers are psychic too.  That’s a gift that all of us have whether we use it or not but mothers do so without realizing it.  You just know when to check on them, don’t you?

I remember one time when our married son interrupted my dreams even though he was living across town with his wife and two of this three children.  Had a real good dream going but can’t remember it now.  What I do remember is one of the two ghostly people who liked working with me then walking in front of the screen of my dream and telling me that my phone was about to ring at around two in the morning.  Moreover, the ghost mentioned that I shouldn’t worry, that my son was okay. 

So, I reached over and picked up the phone saying hello to our son.  He promptly told me that the phone didn’t ring to which I answered it did.  Again he said no it didn’t, wasting valuable sleeping time.  To make a long story very short, he was sick and wanted his mother to know.  Never mind his wife lying in bed beside him and not having heard his whimper.  See men, sometimes you do need a little mothering.

Another of women’s, or at least some I know, past times is shopping and I don’t mean grocery shopping either.  I mean good old-fashioned, getting out and seeing what’s new in clothing, makeup and all that good stuff, shopping till you drop.  That’s not one of the things I get to do but I’m beginning to covet it again. 

Oh, and a woman’s night out.  Maybe a tear jerker at the movies or…or….or…..a very dirty martini……my how I like those…..even though I generally don’t drink but those vodka ones are good with loads of dirt.  Yeah, I can tell.  There’s about to be a something woman like soon.  Got any ideas on what?

Da Juana