A woman knows how it feels to be uneasy around a man who seems to be following her…

A woman knows how it feels to be uneasy around a man who seems to be following her or turning up everywhere she is although he may be harmless. Hair on your neck rises, your heart startles and you run on adrenaline for a while.

Well, let’s go just one step further with this scenario. What if the man is a ghost? Yesterday or the day before I’ve had a man about five-ten or eleven brush my arm as he disappeared behind a dimensional wall. Though I can see his height and body-build, I can’t see his facial features but I feel as if he’s nice and that I’ll be meeting him soon without his being reincarnated in order to do so.

How, you ask, can I have a ghost of a man visit and then meet him in earthly terms later?

It’s very simple. You know I’ve mentioned before we’re only ghosts in human clothing, the physical body. The miracle of spirit is that we can go visit (remote viewing) anyone or anything at any time while our body continues to function as if on autopilot.

With his brushing of my arm, he wanted me to notice him which I did but there was no hair raising episode only the thought that we’d meet soon. That could be very scary and not because of fear from hurt but rather of what he may mean to me. My life is changing once again and I’m enjoying the spirituality of it all.

Anticipation has me looking forward to this meeting.

Da Juana

P. S. If you’d like to know how I do what I do, then by all means, please read my book, www.ghoststalk.com and I promise you it doesn’t mean ghost stalk because they really don’t do that unless they have an undelivered message.