A woman……

Last night, around 11:20 PM, but who’s counting, a woman appeared at the end of my bed.  Most nights before I go to sleep, I read whatever book I have at the time.  While reading, I had the book propped up so that I could get the light better because Claude was asleep.  That’s when I noticed her. More... 
It looked as if she were bent over beneath the footboard and stood up just so that I’d catch her movements.  Instead of the usual ghostly apparel, she looked like huge drops of water, each making up the shape of her body.  The only thing that wasn’t clear like the water she was made of was her face.  This lady showed me how beautiful she had been when younger.  The smile she exhibited was gorgeous too and the grace with which she moved made a lasting impression.
After seeing her, I checked the clock because I knew who she was.  What’s funny is the lady is still alive at the time of my writing this.  Within a couple minutes of her sighting, Claude woke up and because of the manner in which she showed herself, I had to tell him too. 
The beauty and peace of her are still with me. 
Da Juana   

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