About Da Juana Byrd

D on chairFor as long as I can remember, I have lived with the gift of psychic abilities. I grew up in a fundamentalist church environment and was allowed to use the gifts of the Bible. I could not have guides but could have guardian angels.

At the age of six, I had polio. In a vision (waking dream) prior to having the disease, I had been told that I would come out of it unharmed.
Communicating with people who are no longer alive to this world has always been natural to me. My father is also psychic but does not believe in the word, “psychic”. All of his abilities comes from God and the Bible and can only be used in the church. Knowing my abilities also come from God, I see the whole world as his church. God is everything. Therefore, I can use all those gifts given to me.

My mother is a kinetic, which means she can move things with her mind. She was taught to do this, along with the rest of her seventh grade class, by her teacher.

As a clairvoyant (one who sees that which is unseen), I am able to read auras, see visions, and those who are dead to this world. I am a clairaudient (one who hears that which is unheard), a sensitive or empath (one who feels), and a channeler (a path along which data passes). I use psychometry to pick up sights, feelings, thoughts, hearing and even odors that relate to the person I am reading at the time. (Reading a person is when the psychic picks up past, present and future on that person.) This is utilized by touching a person or an object although I need only to think about that person to pick up their vibrations. I can also tell a person what their past and future lives are. In the past, people would have called me a medium.

Stress reduction techniques and dream interpretation are some things I find interesting. Teaching others how to use their psychic abilities is what I love. Because everyone can make use of those abilities, all I do is help bring out their God given talents.

I work with the police on murders, kidnappings and even help people find lost pets and other items.

Working with “haunted houses” and “ghosts” (persons who have passed from this life to the next), are second nature to me. Some people have asked why I am unafraid of this part of my work. To these people I answer, God is with all things and all people and therefore keeps us safe. We are all spirits. Some of us wear physical clothing, others like to have no physical restrictions.

I have never regretted having these gifts but there is a draw back. People don’t always understand them and some tend to ridicule those who use their gifts. If I can help just one person, with the understanding I have, by opening their eyes, ears and minds, then, I have accomplished what I came into this life to do.

Da Juana