When my puppies do something sociably unacceptable, they are accountable. So why is it that people who do sociably unacceptable things aren’t accountable? Others tend to label people like that as children of divorced parents or some other thing such as being unhappy. So we can forgive their slights.

Well, let me tell you, I am a child of divorced parents and there has been some times that I have been unhappy but I also realize that I am accountable for my actions both here on earth and in my spiritual body as well. Karma makes us accountable even when we think we have gotten away with something. Karma is the shadow that follows us and remembers each time we have done something that we feel a smattering of guilt for.

Little things that we think aren’t hurting anyone else will be remembered too. Karma has a huge ledger and waits to be able to bring it back to you. Times when you pull in front of someone and almost run them off the road because you didn’t want to wait your turn will be remembered. The times you pass up someone who needs your help will be remembered. And Karma has a very long memory. It is the spiritual memory of every living thing.

Just as my puppies receive griping from me when they do something they know they shouldn’t, Karma will return in your life at some time or another even if it has to come in another lifetime to remind you that you should do what’s right for your spiritual being. The Bible says it best when it says the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son, meaning that at some point even if it takes reincarnation, you will be accountable. And choice makes it so.

Well, that was my soapbox for today.

Da Juana