Addresses may change….

Addresses may change and without you giving your address to those you want to have it, friends, family and acquaintances can’t find you in order to visit.  In that manner, you can keep unwanted guest at bay.  But if you’re a medium, like me, an address change is no problem for those long dead who want to visit.More...

Some of them might even be people you never expected to darken your door.  How many women would let an old girlfriend of their husband’s pop in for a visit?  Not many, I dare say.  Maybe, I’m just too nice.  It seems our house is open to all manner of spirits, both alive and dead, animal and plant.  Oh, don’t leave out the rocks either.  So I guess you could say we have minerals around as well.

Sometimes I don’t even recognize the visitor and that’s okay too.  Most often, I just acknowledge them and go on with my work or whatever.  There are those who visit though who want to let me know that they are there and acknowledgement isn’t enough.  Those persistent beings really get my attention. 

I’ve heard people say that they wished they could do what I do and they can.  But……I’ve always believed that you should be careful what  you ask for because you’ll most certainly get it.  For those who are recluses, such as me, visitors are not always looked upon with favor.  So imagine your home being open all the time to anyone or anything.  There now.  You’ve got a little inkling of what it’s like to be me. 

Before you think I’m griping though, let me tell you that those people who are no longer alive are a comfort to me in ways most will never experience.  And I really don’t care that they drop in at all times, places and in all manner.  They are my friends even if I don’t know who they are.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Da Juana