After my sweet little white dog, Gabrielle, had problems with getting traction on my wooden floors……

After my sweet little white dog, Gabrielle, had problems with getting traction on my wooden floors for about three days I decided to call a halt to the ghost who was tormenting her.

He’d appear wherever to keep her out of all the rooms in the house. This wasn’t done to really hurt or scare anyone but was done to let me and my friend know he was now in my home.

The only place my dog was safe was in our bedroom and on the sofa. She looked like a cartoon character running from the sofa to her bed as quickly as her spinning feet would carry her. There Gabrielle could safely cover her eyes so that she wouldn’t see the offending spirit.

She wanted to come to me and couldn’t because this ghostly man was standing right beside me. And yes, he was someone I knew very well, an ex-husband.

My puppy had to hug the wall actually hurting herself at one point from her skittering on the wooden floor.

When this happened I got a little perturbed. Just in case you don’t know what a perturbed medium is, it was me and I’m not to be messed with in this type case. With our ghostly visitor, my dog and boyfriend watching I explained to this friendly spirit in no uncertain terms he was not to terrify my dog again with a firm “Stop it now or leave,” as you would speak to a misbehaving child.

Within the few minutes it took her to realize he was no longer capable of cornering her, Gabrielle had free run of the house again and exhibited that control.

My boyfriend learned new respect for me because he saw me stand up to an unseen person and then saw the change in my dog’s behavior when the ghost relented. If only it would make him do other things I’d like. But, a little Southern here, “bless his heart.” It isn’t easy loving a psychic and a medium. After all he deals with a little more than most men have to do.

Da Juana

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