After reading my blog post on death and past lives…..

After reading my blog post on death and past lives, Jill sent me a question asking about her dear friend we’ve discussed before.

She asked what happens if someone you love has died and already returned to physical life without you’re being aware who they are. Her other question was how there was such a connection with his spirit so that she loves him so much that she can’t wait to see him again no matter whether he’s male or female in his next incarnation.
It’s funny how interconnected all spiritual matters are. This encompasses both past lives, soul mates and present lives that are so intertwined we know upon meeting this spirit that we’ve always know each other. And we have.

Spirit enjoys associating with like spirit meaning that when we have the same personal likes and dislikes we tend to stay together throughout each incarnation and between lives as well. It’s just more comfortable that way because we have so much to learn when living in earth’s environment. Although a loved soul might make the effort to be less than the most positive in some embodiments, they only do so for the learning that it creates for both entities.

Excuse me for going off on that tangent but spirituality is very important to me and I want to give you the best answers I can.

Now, back to looking for dead ones who’ve returned to the physical body, this spirit may have returned and is in a new physical body. No matter what sex, culture, nationality or so much more, when you meet this beloved soul, you’ll instantly have a connection. Oh, did I mention that this individual will most likely incarnate near you or set up a situation in life so that you’ll meet again at some point. It could take years or you might meet them as babies but either way, there’ll be an immediate familiarity. You’ll feel as if you’ve known this entity forever, and remember, you have.

Thanks, Jill, for this great question. If you have one you think we’ll all benefit from, then please ask.

Da Juana

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