Age of Consent

What is the real age of consent where children become responsible for their actions?  Many people argue that it’s twelve because that’s when Jesus struck out on his own.  Some courts say sixteen when an action is particularly despicable, something like killing both your parents.  More...

Right now, I’m wondering about some kids across the street who are wreaking havoc on all of us who live close.  Last night, they threw eggs at our house.  Currently, they group into a mob, shout insults, make fingers into guns, point and click as if they’re shooting at us.  They throw garbage at all of our homes and in their own front yard.  And like all seventeen-year-old children stay up all night.  Of course the police have been called. 

The single mother, of which I was one once and can sympathize some, leaves her seventeen-year-old daughter at home with a large group of boys, one of which seems to live there and which by the mother’s admission, does.  There seems to be no respect for themselves or for any adults.  All they want is to party and be ugly to the neighbors, leave rubber on as a mark of their strength and try to jump on the neighborhood younger children.  And they have lots of neighbors whom have called the police just like I have. 

So, I’m wondering what you think about this and at what age you think a child should be treated like an adult.  Personally, I’d like to see the single mother take some responsibility too.

Da Juana