Ah woman…..if only men knew……

Ah woman……if only men knew……..really.  Some men know that we are the stronger of the sexes and I don’t mean in a physical manner, although I don’t think there are too many men who could commit to pregnancy and childbirth.  But I must admit, I’d like to see that one happen.  Maybe with medical advances, we will.  After all postmenopausal women are conceiving now through the miracles of medicine.More...

But that’s not what I really want to talk about.  I’m not here to bash men and you know that too.  You also know that I’m here to create an atmosphere of thought and on occasion throw in a little psychic stuff. 

You know that back in the old days women were the deity of the day.  It was said it was because we were the fertile ones.  Wonder if they recalled woman’s intuition or any other metaphysical and spiritual items women were capable of such as being able to talk to God and keep the family together.  I digress.

What I’m really getting to is this, the Bible was first written in Hebrew.  Hebrew is one of the most difficult languages to translate and years ago, it was translated into Greek, then on to other languages meaning some things were lost in translation.  But that’s another story.  My story for today is this:  Noah.

You’ve probably heard of Noah and the flood.  That’s not the part of the story I want to cultivate.  No, it’s much more.  In Hebrew, masculine and feminine nouns always end with different letters.  The feminine form in Hebrew ends in “AH.”  So, what does that mean to us?  Well, Noah wasn’t named No or Noed, she, oh I mean he was named Noah.  I guess you could have had a mother back then that wanted a daughter and named him for the daughter she didn’t have.  But it’s very rare for “AH” to be used in the masculine sense.

Now, here is a place to think.  What if Noah who took two of every species into the ark with him and his family, I’m about to get a little far-out here, was…..okay…okay, here it comes…..a space person with DNA of every species?  There…I’ve said it.  I’m just too logical.  Tell me a story about putting every animal in an ark that was ever on the earth and it gets me to wondering.  First let’s see…..How many cats have you ever known that could let another animal go without killing it, especially a lion?  Everything would look like food to it.  Then another question would spring to mind, like, how did they account for the giraffe’s?  Did they build part of the ark two stories for their necks?  And how did they feed all those babies?  And that brings to mind another question; you know that animals like sex?

There I go again.  What I’m saying is something like this….what if a person from another place, such as Mars, brought with them to our green earth species two, by two that could be created or cloned or whatever quickly to populate our wonderful planet?  Animal eggs are small and from what I’ve seen with some cryo-kept women’s embryos, they don’t take up much space.  

Just a thought.

Da Juana