Airplane Prediction

A few minutes ago, I had a vision, perhaps of a prediction of an airplane which is leading me to write my blog now.

The plane was flying in the sunlight with the sun being on the left side of the airplane. I remember the sleekness of the machine. Sunlight was shining over the aircraft in almost haloed manner making the plane look majestic. The position of the sun with its image shining from the left side encompassed the airplane creating that haloed effect so that I felt reverence for the aircraft. I almost thought a presidential symbol would be emblazoned on the side but I didn’t see it at the time because the moment I realized I was looking at something I shouldn’t my mind brought me back to reality.

I felt as if I were flying on the right side of the plane, from a very high vantage point in the sky but just back of the wing and very close to the plane in order to monitor happenings in the sky.

Another plane was flying on the left side of the plane in front of the wing and closer to the cockpit but with enough room to be able to maneuver if need occurred.
I felt this to be a warning, you know the robot with Will Robinson exclaiming “danger, Will Robinson,” was in order but that everything would be alright. Perhaps there’s a problem with the plane or perhaps someone wanders too closely. At any rate, I didn’t see the result but feel it would be okay.

Well, that did it for me trying to lay back and relax after a late night New Year’s Eve. What a way to start the New Year?

At any rate, Happy New Year to you!

Da Juana

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