Am I saved?

While in a store a few minutes ago, I met a woman, working in the store, who was talking with herself. After listening for a few seconds, I told her that I do the same thing but that I am generally speaking with ghosts.


“Oh! She said and how do they act on the other side?”



“About the same as they do on this one,” I replied.



“Where do they live,” she retorted.



The banter continued, “Anywhere they want but I see a couple here.”



“Who,” came the question I fully expected.



“Two women,” I answered and continued, “I generally don’t see skin color but one was a small blond with short wavy hair. I think she might have visited here right before she was killed. But the other is the one you will be interested in. She is a shorter, black, woman than you, built smaller than you and has shorter hair than you. This lady, and I like her very much, was good to everyone and says that she is your grandmother. Do you know her?”



Tears came immediately. And she nodded while I rehashed what I had just said about her grandmother with her nodding the whole time in the affirmative.



Then she asked if I saw anything for her to which I replied that she should go to the doctor and gave her a couple of other items to make her know why. It is not too often I remember such readings as this. I have to have something that makes me remember and I guess it was this. She told me she needed to ask one more question. And I told her I needed to leave because Claude was waiting in the car. But she followed me to the door and with the door held open asked, “Does God love me?” Then she followed with, “Am I saved?”



Instantly I felt the need to answer her, which I did. “Yes, honey. God does love you and you were saved the moment you came to this earth.” I hugged the lady and went to the car and didn’t take the time to tell her that as a child of God we are connected to God no matter who we are. Our spirits are intertwined. God never leaves us though we might feel alone sometimes.



Da Juana