An incoming call as a possible ghost……..

The other night after returning from dinner and a movie, the man I’m dating was pulling into his garage when his truck’s Bluetooth announced an incoming call to later be defined as a possible ghost. The call would have been fine except for the fact that the phone call which flashed across his truck panel was read by me one number at a time and I soon realized as I had been warned only seconds before the call that it was my cell.

He did the expected and answered the phone with me sitting beside him in his truck. As soon as I realized it was my number, I said to him that it was me. He looked a little concerned because he knew there was no phone in my hand. “What,” he said to me as he continued to say hello to a nonexistent person, at least one he couldn’t see at the time.

That’s when I told him to look at the number which he did and recognized as my number but without the usual Lady Byrd label following. Again I mentioned that it was mine to get him to stop saying hello which by then he was recognizing. Then he stated that it didn’t have my name under the number and he wondered about that aloud.

I picked up my purse where my phone was laying and stored in such a manner as not to “butt call” because I learned that can happen some time ago. When storing my phone now I put it face first onto a tablet I keep for writing notes. In that manner it can’t be touched so that this smart phone dials out. As I took it out of my purse to show Richard, he could see that indeed it had called him because of how it was lit. After hanging up my phone, his Bluetooth deactivated and ended the call.

All I could say to him is that this happens a lot with me. I had forgotten to tell him about the lights coming on in our hotel room when three of us women went out of town on a business trip, had just gotten ready for bed and were almost asleep. He was reminded of that when he spoke to one of the women recounting the phone incident the prior night to her. She told him about the light and mentioned she’d seen it happen before with me around.

Have you ever had something like this happen?

Da Juana

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