Have you ever noticed that when you’re laden with anger you can’t think as well as you generally do?  All you can think of is how angry you are and how to relay that anger to others.

Anger slipped up on our country some years ago and is still alive and kicking.  Remnants of anger are seen on our streets especially while driving.  The hand waving in front of you isn’t necessarily signaling for a change of lanes or pointing out interesting sites.  People waiting in lines huffing and checking their watches are only adding to their own stressful day and pushing anger out into the mass conscious’.  With each angry action we compound that emotional feeling.  Auras touch and another is angry.

Anger seems to feed on itself like a rapidly growing cancer.  When you’re angry, reasoning is beyond you.  All you can think of is how to strike out at the source of your anger or someone in your way.  Anger fires up your adrenaline and if you continue to live in that manner will cause health issues.  You’re not in control of your own life when you’re angry.  Instead, you’re allowing the source of your anger or the one who talked you into becoming mad to control you. 

For the past decade, I’ve seen politicians on both sides, Democrats and Republicans, use anger to control the masses.  They trot out some issue so that while you’re busy being angry at their opponent, they’re in the background putting into effect whatever it is they want to push through.  It’s a huge shell game.  Do you see the ball under the cup?

Without anger and with intelligence let’s try to make our world a better place right now.  Tell all politicians, Democrat or Republican, they work for us.  We’re going to be watching and not just in sixty-second sound bites, either.  Then we’ll replace those who don’t work for us.

Da Juana