Anger in the United States is still alive, well and thriving. More... 

My reason for speaking of the U S only is because this is where I live.  And I believe our country is great even though I don’t agree with everything our country, as a whole, does.  For me, it’s still the best place I could live this life in mostly because I CAN disagree with some things my country does.  That freedom of speech and thought is something we all, as Americans, need to be proud of.

But let’s get back to the anger.  You might think it’s getting better than it was a few years ago and I think, psychically, that it is but the frustration that leads to anger is still underlying.  People still tend to be on edge and they take it out on others in the most misunderstood way when they are angry about the very foundation of freedom this country has to offer.  If you don’t believe me, just mention the president.  Or further, mention one of the two supposedly democratic parties we get candidates from.  Then you’ll see how close to the surface our national anger really is. 

I’ve seen heated arguments over politics more often than I’d care to admit coming from people who don’t generally anger easily.  Mention one of the two political parties though and that person goes ballistic.  That tells me there’s more to this rage than meets the eye.  That’s why I say there’s frustration.  People are frustrated when they feel out of control.  For the last decade or more, we’ve been a nation of people who want some kind of power but feel we don’t have it.  This started before the terrorist hit New York on 911.

What’s worse is that I can feel in my psychic bones that something is building slowly again.  My hope is that we don’t have the same kind of release we’ve felt before at that tragic event.  Please help me turn this around.  Think happy and be happy.  Leave some things up to God but help the universe to make events better here on earth.  All it takes is one to start the process.  Let’s get back to loving our neighbor again.

Da Juana