Animals, after death, are ghosts.

People have asked me many times if animals, after death, are ghosts.  To which I explain that I’ve seen everything on the other side that’s here and actually more.  Animals are ghost in physical clothing just like you and me.More...

It’s a comfort to know that a loved one continues to live on after death or as Muffin, Mysti’s predecessor told me, is born again.  It sounded strange to me at the time but she soon explained how she was born again.  Death is only a rebirth.

Today, I miss my Mysti dog.  This morning after eating breakfast, I didn’t get the customary kiss on my foot for a job well done.  Mysti always thanked me for whatever meal I’d cooked. 

I think the reason that I missed her so much is that I saw her as she walked by under my breakfast room table.  The thought struck me that she didn’t stop to kiss me but that she hadn’t eaten either so there was no reason to say thanks.  I was on the phone at the time talking with someone.  In the middle of the sentence I was speaking, I said, “Mysti just walked by.”  Grief was overwhelming.  But I also have the satisfaction of knowing she’s no longer in pain.  My sweet little girl.

Animal ghosts show up regularly around my home and have even been guides to me for someone I was going to meet later.  Besides, what would heaven be like if one of God’s greatest achievements, the dog, wasn’t there?  I just wish they had a longer physical life span.

Da Juana