Animals are sometimes smarter than humans……

Well, as you already know, I think animals are sometimes smarter than us humans especially in the language department.  Animals who stay around humans have to learn to make us understand them because I know they understand us but we don’t always comprehend them.  Anyone who has a dog knows that if he or she utters those unmistakable words, “Do you want to go bye-bye,” the dog is headed for the door, turning around looking at you as if to say, “Get a move on, won’t you?” More... 

To confirm my suspicions, news with, what’s that guys name who used to be on “Good Morning America” and is now on news at 6:00, had a story about chimps who were proving each day that they understand human language, especially English.  When the reporter spoke to the chimp and asked him certain words the chimp would play it back for him on a giant computer of sorts.  And the chimp wasn’t just mimicking what he heard, he even mentioned to the reporter through the computer that he surprised the reporter, didn’t he, by knowing what the reporter was speaking of.  To which the surprised reporter answered, “Yes.”  The reporter needs not worry.  I’ve given a parrot my name before when asked.

We all know about Cocoa, sorry Coco if I misspelled your name, gave it two tries.  She had a kitten and signed many words including making up some advantageous lies.  Doesn’t that tell you something?  Either she’s seen what humans do or she learned really quickly how to cover her, what’s the sign for that Cocoa?

I’m glad science is finally figuring out what we’ve known all along.  The only problem with this is that now humans will have a harder time eating meat.  But I can help that along.  Do you know about the experiment done in England, long ago, which proves plants are intelligent too?  Well, bon appetite! 

Everything has soul and is capable of thought if it’s part of God.  And, guess what, we all are but we give up our bodies to become part of another.  If you don’t think so, why do you think we try to protect bodies with the most modern caskets after a loved one dies?  It’s to keep us from becoming food for others, the great recycling planet.  Sorry if I’ve upset you.  We’re all in it together.  Why can’t we remember that?

I think, therefore, I am!  Really, I think, therefore, I really am.

Da Juana