Claude and I spent a soothing anniversary with our daughter, her husband and our two grandsons.  Of course we took Madeline too.  After Mysti’s death, we all needed to get away for a moment or two for some peace of mind.More...

Did I say peace of mind?  When my daughter was little, I thought all little girls squealed.  She’d run through the house squealing to the top of her lungs but her little lungs weren’t quite as able to make the squealing noise as my youngest grandson.  He’s a little Capricorn who loves the sound of his voice.  He started talking very early but now he’s forgotten how.  Instead, he loves to squeal…….peace, did I say peace?

Our daughter cooked shrimp for us.  I loved it, not only because she cooked them but because she also invited the whole family so we could socialize.  

Madeline had to make sure that our daughter’s two dogs were kept in line in their own home and yard.  One of them is bigger than Madeline and weighs, shall we say, she’s a big-boned girl, a lot more than Madeline.  The other is a Yorkie who Madeline thinks is wonderful. 

Not only did she keep them in line but she thought she needed to herd our youngest grandson.  He had little squeaky shoes on that Madeline thought could be a toy so she circled him to keep him safe.

We’re back now and all three of us slept that night.  Ah…..peace.

Da Juana