Another ghostly question

Got the email below and thought that I would answer it so that others would get some benefit too.

“I’m 62 and everyday now for about 2-3 weeks I’m receiving a blast of second hand smoke. Can’t see the smoke, but it smells terrible. Hurts my throat and burns my eyes. A friend said to me that an entity is clinging to me but doesn’t know why…..Any ideas…..thank you

ps…Should I sage the house and myself?”

To me secondhand smoke is as horrible as first hand but ghosts do favor letting you know they are there with this type greeting. When getting this type communication it can very well cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

Now to answer what your friend said. Unless you want an entity to cling, then it just isn’t going to happen. Sage or smudge is a good thing. I like smudge because it allows me to go into a meditation quickly but I rarely use it. Smudge is a prayer and if you want to pray, then do so or you can tell the spirit that it is upsetting you and to please stop it. Once you do, it should stop.

Oh and by the way, you can get my book, “Ghosts Talk.” It will tell you all about them.

Da Juana