Another one



Well, here I go again. A nice person wrote what I consider to be a good question. I thought that this was one we could all relate to. So please be tolerant.

    “I know, this is email…I wish I could afford a reading with you. I have been “troubled” (for lack of a better word) with the idea of whether or not my mom (especially) or my dad is ever with me. My mom died almost 11 years ago…Oct. 24th 1995 when I was 15. My dad died in January of 2001. I am crying typing this. A few strange things have happened..the most recent the fire alarm going off as though someone was testing it.  I need to know if it was my mom. If I talk to her does she hear? I need to know if she’s in Heaven!!!! If she’s proud of me!!!  What she wants of me. I was too young when she died to pay attention or even ask any of these questions! Please tell me, is my mom here? Does she look over me???    


I honestly thank you for your time! I know you are busy…I just thought I’d try.






Deborah, if you had read my book, “Ghosts Talk,” then you would know that our loved ones constantly check on us though they may not stay around us all the time.



And guess what, anything electrical is a way for the other side to communicate better. My smoke alarms sometimes take a beating and you have probably heard the one about Jason setting off the smoke alarm while I was doing a lecture….that would have been fine but the smoke alarm was disassembled and laying on a bookcase close to me when I told the story. That story, too, is in my book.



Your parents are always proud of you although they may not be proud of some of your actions. That doesn’t take a psychic to answer.



Who is the “J” because that is what I heard when I started answering you, something like Janie? Just remember the “J” or maybe a “G” because they sound alike.



Your mother wants you to be happy and to take care of yourself because you tend not to. Also, she says quit second guessing yourself.



And you’re welcome.



Da Juana