Another one!

Well, I hope you are not getting tired of my answering others on psychic events. But this one is so good too. Can you tell that I love working with the psychic and especially with my friends on the other side. Anyway, here is the comment someone sent to me. Hope you get some good out of it too.

“Da Juana, I have used your site for over a decade now. I am in desperate need of advice. Please help me. I am very scared.

Not sure where to go to ask for help. I am being visited by a spirit. This is very extreme I have been very afraid until I knew who it was. How ever, Now I am being asked (spiritually) If I will accept more sririt visitors. This is so new to me though I have had this happen once before in 1987 it was not this vivid or “matterof factly”. Why have I become this so fast and with such lucidity? I can feel it very strongly wether I am awake or dreaming. The spirit (a special needs boy) I cared for passed 3 years ago. Why now? I know why he is here but why now. I’m very afraid. Will there be more if I refuse them? Can I refuse them?”

Again, I would like to say that what you are doing is receiving a wonderful gift from God. Although there are times even I wonder about some of the things I see, I always know this is a function, like breathing, that I could not do without and one day you will come to understand that too.

Isn’t it wonderful that this child feels so secure with you that he wants to visit now? You are a psychic and have finally given yourself the permission to speak to the other side and allow them to communicate with you. Please don’t fear what God has made. Oh, I know, God made lions too and we don’t want to have dinner with them. But, you know this child. And the others are asking permission so they can’t be bad. They are not rude.

Now to your other question. Yes, you can tell them to leave you alone and they will but that doesn’t mean they won’t still visit you. You may not see them but they will be there waiting for you to say it is OK.

Once you give yourself to the notion that you are a gifted medium, then you will start seeing other wonderful things.

Oh, and one more time, my book, “Ghosts Talk,” gives you some good advice, even if I say so, on the other side and how to communicate.

Da Juana