Another question

Let’s get right to it. Below is the question and my answer.

“I wanted to send you an email and ask you about something. This may sound odd, but I am sure you have heard much weirder. πŸ™‚ I have been hearing things on my baby monitor at night. I always keep it on incase my baby wakes up in the middle of the night since we are at the other end of the house. The strange thing is that I never hear anything during the day..only at night. I usually always assume it is some type of interferance with radios or electronic things. I have heard a CB radio on it once as a truck drove by our house one day. But I KNEW that was interferance without any doubts. The things I hear at night, I am no longer sure are anything electronic. Sometimes it is music..sounds like very old music. Or I will hear talking but don’t THINK it is a tv. I am honestly not sure WHAT to think. It doesn’t scare me at all..mainly it is just an annoyance I would say. I just wondered if you think it is possible to hear ghosts or spirits through electronic devices. And if so..who is it?

Thank you so much,


L, you are very perceptive. Yes, it is very possible to hear ghostly voices, music, etc. through electronic devices. I would be remiss if I told you it wasn’t possible especially since I use all my senses to communicate with the other side. Besides that, clients of mine who bring their own tape recorders and generally new tapes have found otherworldly voices on the tape after listening to our readings. Another thing is that the voices had pertinent information and gave it in the spot on the recording it was needed.

You must have some pretty nice babysitters for them to be playing music for your little one. It could be someone your baby knew in another life or it could simply be a passing guest ghost who enjoys being around your home.

Something you might try from the privacy of your bedroom, while listening to your baby monitor, is asking a question of the ghostly presence and see if they answer through the monitor.

Da Juana