Below is what I like to see in a psychic novice, humor. Without it, this world is no fun. And it can help in very stressful times, especially when you are embarking upon something new. After you read her return to me, then I will tell you one of my little ghost stories. Enjoy her. She sounds like fun. And, by the way, since the other side knows you can see them, someone will be there most of the time.

“Great, thank you!! That helps. I just wish my ghost didn’t always show up when the house is really a mess, because that’s embarrassing. (ha!) I think it’s here pretty much all the time, though, because I always feel a presence. Your book sounds wonderful, by the way, and I will be ordering it tomorrow. Sounds very interesting and helpful. Take care. ”

Some years ago, a psychic friend of mine who had died, and I talked to regularly, came to see me in the bathtub. That is where I take the time to really listen to the myriads of people talking and if an old, dead friend wants to get my attention, that is one of the best places to do so. I say he was a psychic but really he was a graphologist. Anyway, he and another psychic male I knew were both dead. And I was speaking with my old friend telling him that I wondered if the other dead psychic knew I hadn’t done what was said I had done.

By this time I was out of the tub putting on lotion, brushing my teeth. You know all it is. As I was doing so, standing there naked, I heard a man say, “I see you naked.” Even though I knew he was dead, without thinking, I reached for my towel. It didn’t occur to me how many times a ghost had seen me naked. All that occurred was a man was watching me other than my husband.

His laughter at seeing me get the towel stopped me. Then I announced to him. It didn’t matter because he was a ghost.

See sometimes being a medium is a lot to bear….oooh that was bad.

Da Juana