Answering email……

Answering email is something I really don’t have time to do because I get so much of it but on occasion I try to answer here when the question is something useful to everyone.  This question, which is unaltered and just a little hard to read, is, nonetheless, interesting and enlightening for others too.  So please bear with me and I hope you get some information from it too.

“I don’t know whether I’m writing to the write thing or not but i don’t know where else to turn too with this. I am only 16 but when i was younger i would get dreams of someone dying out of nowhere or going into the hospital for a heart attack when i barely even knew that person. It was kind of wierd at first but i got used to it. Now, i have these things where my body shakes, as if i were having a seizure or something and i can’t open my eyes or scream for help or stop my body and it really freaks me out. I know whats going on and everything, I’m concious when this happens but then my bodys somewhere else. It feels like im floating when i’m by myself but then sometimes i’ll be with someone and they’ll be pulling me but were floating. Its really weird and i dont know whether its a good or bad thing and i figured a psychic could help me out with this one. If you can’t help me i was wondering if anyone else could tell me what this is.”

Well 16, it looks like I’m capable of helping you.  In simple terms, you’re going out-of-body.  That’s why you’re unable to scream or control your body.  Others generally meet you when you go out of body.  This isn’t a bad thing.  Not only that but you can learn what’s going to happen in the future then and remember those events as déjà vu. 

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Hope I’ve helped.

Da Juana