Are ghosts watching all the time?

Are ghosts watching us all the time was a question I got twice last night from a male and a female at our local bar and dance hall. Both sexes asked. Of course you’d think it was because people were drinking but you’d be wrong. Have you ever considered that you might have your dead ex or dead relative watching you after they’ve died? How about a ghostly puppy dog or cat? Not an appetizing thought is it?

And I’m here to tell you that, yes, it can happen but they will generally respect your decision that they not do that particular thing. Don’t want you on pins and needles all your life. When I came out of the psychic and medium closet that was one of the first things I asked. It was this. The only person above me in my bedroom better be someone I’d invited. Not only that but they had to be alive and in the physical. Because ghosts are logical, only logical, you need to specify exactly what you mean like, “Daddy, stay out of my bedroom and/or bathroom.” Don’t want anyone watching me there either.

For those of you who haven’t thought of this until now, although they might watch, ghosts don’t really notice us doing anything they consider out of the way. They just wait their turn to talk to you. After you’ve finished. Not an appetizing thought. Ghosts take into account the process of life and that’s just one of those processes. Ghostly people don’t make judgments. It’s us who do.

Let me mention that I had a friend from long ago who died. Well two actually. One was quite psychic and the other was a handwriting specialist who’d testified on numerous occasions in court and also helped in apprehending theft perpetrators.

At any rate I was in the bathtub one day when the handwriting analyst starting talking with me. He was and is a wonderful man that I miss a lot. Just to let you know he’d never seen me naked while he was alive and neither had the other psychic with him. He announced that the other psychic was there too and I heard him say hello.

There was more to this story in that this psychic was very well known and had gotten his feelings hurt with me over something I didn’t do. I let it go rather than to argue but couldn’t help myself when he appeared at that time and told him that he now knew the truth and that it wasn’t me. Not to be outdone as the jokester he was while alive he announced, “I see you naked.”

That’s when I realized I was, kind of like Eve in the Garden. Without thinking I began to cover myself with the towel I was using to dry off. It had never occurred before then that ghosts really do see you naked. As soon as I tried to cover what he’d already seen, it hit me that it really didn’t matter, he was dead and I told him so. When he heard me finish the exasperated you’re dead part, he began to laugh. I enjoyed hearing that laugh one more time. And it was one more prank committed by a ghost. And they do that too but mostly they’re too practical for that though it’s not above them.

Seeing a woman cry because she thought her dead loved husband was watching good sex made me almost cry. Seeing a man asked quietly, are they watching all the time, wink, wink made me smile but also brought home the seriousness of this issue. Being the medium I am, I’m so used to life and life after death that it doesn’t really hit me as anything but natural.

Ghosts are only spirits which we carry in an earthly body. We’re ghosts on earth and ghosts after death. Both go about living just as they’ve always done. You’re thinking of ghosts in a whole new way now aren’t you? Be sure and make the rules you’d like your ghostly friends to keep while visiting.

Da Juana Byrd