Are youTicking off the Universe

The Eight Things you may be doing Right Now

to Tick off the Universe


How to correct it!


Da Juana Byrd



We all have had those days when we thought to ourselves “Life really sucks right now. Did I do something to tick off the universe?”  There’s just no other way to describe what has been happening in your life, everything has gone wrong. “Lord, it’s bad,” you say.

Yes, life throws us some curveballs sometimes, but ultimately, we are all in charge of our situation in life.  Or at least, we can control how we respond to what is being offered up and, as a result, affect the energy within our universe that leads to all things abundant.

Use these following reminders to get you back on track to attract all things good that the universe supplies.

Remember who you are and you can create the life you want!

You might not be able to remember when you were an infant and then became a toddler but I’m sure that you’ve had the opportunity to see an infant and to witness a toddler in action.

Even the youngest child knows how to remind his or her mother to feed and change them and ask for the basics that a baby needs to thrive. You can see the primal workings in those little minds because they came to earth with the intelligence to make themselves number one. They have to in order to survive. So that little day- or even minutes-old baby knows how to shout out that they need something, and to keep on shouting it out until they get what they need.

Babies don’t mind letting out a bone-curdling scream when they need a diaper change or a little sustenance. They only know what they need and that they are generally the center of their parent’s universe. If you haven’t experienced the 2 am feeding for your own child, boy are you in for a treat if and when it happens. Moreover, the experience of that newborn creates a memory of a person in total control of their spirit, maybe not their body, but certainly of their spirit. And spirit counts.

A child is born on earth with clear knowledge of where it was just before birth. That child can’t express it at the time but they know and some continue to know.

This is just a new physical beginning for this little loved one. Knowledge from the other side is still present in the newborn. Most of the time, the spirit who chooses to inhabit a new baby’s body was an adult on the other side in spirit. They come here knowing no limitation. That is, until we as good parents, family, and friends start to place limitations on their little programmable minds by brainwashing into their vocabulary and social patterns.

The word, “no,” further increases the brainwashing techniques and is one of the most used words for a mother or father with an investigative toddler. Because of his or her life on the other side, that toddler knows that any opportunity is open for use to advance a toddler’s goals. They’ve finally found again the ability to move from objective to objective in a quick and definitive manner with the further ability to change goals quickly. Furthermore, they don’t hesitate to investigate.  That’s because they know without a doubt that they are part of a greater universe than most adults acknowledge.

Before the little humans are told over and over again that they can’t do great things because “it could hurt you” or “that’s just not how we do them,” they do what an adult considers inconceivable. And it’s only because they have no limitations in their spirit, because they remember what life’s really all about – to remember who you are, a spirit without limitation in a human body.

In that remembrance, you have the ability to create what you want in life.

Your life here on earth was and is created by you!

Your life here on earth was and is created by you and always has been even before you were born. Like God, you’re a creator.

God, no matter what you call it, is the universal fabric that holds everything together with gravity. If you don’t believe in God, then you can use physics, the scientific study of matter, energy, force and motion and the ways in which they relate to each other to understand the existence of a universal intelligence. So, for those purposes, we’ll call that intelligence the universe.

There’s biblical scripture from the Christian religion for us all having creative life’s abilities. When Jesus mentioned that all the things he did we can do, He meant we have the ability to do everything He did which included all the miracles He performed.  For Him, miracles weren’t considered miracles but just a part of everyday life. But please don’t look at religion as the all-knowing, all-being item it’s sometimes lifted up to be. Jesus also mentioned if you believed as he did, you’d get your reward.

Religion is not spirituality as some believe but just a meeting of like minds, which you can do at a country club or a skating rink, too for that matter. Besides, not everyone thinks alike. That’s why there are so many religions on earth.

Religion isn’t what God’s all about anyway. Choices are. The choices you make in living your life are your spiritual reality and what life is really all about.

It’s time you remember who you are and you can do so by this easy little task. Find a time to be alone either during the day or right before bed. This is time you’ll take for yourself to use your infant like memory to reclaim your heritage, so it’s very important to you.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible. If that means a little soothing music, then provide it. Focus on your breathing. Breathe in comfortably through your nose and hold the breath in your diaphragm, then let the breath out through barely parted lips.

Let the innocence of being a baby with your life ahead of you return to your mind.  Try not to censor your thoughts but let them run rampant with the thought that you’re remembering your first infant year but do so as an impartial third party, watching and hearing the action in your mind but without emotion.

More than likely, you might even catch your breath for a moment because the thoughts of you returning to a body with limitations can be frightening for someone striving for control. Remember now, “Without emotion.”

Breathe and enjoy the feeling but let’s then go on to other items. Ask yourself when you gave up your ability to realize that you are a creator of your life.  You’ll get a mental image or hear that still small voice you call a conscience give you your answer. Rejoice in the fact that you’re now consciously aware of your out-of-this-world helper called that still small voice.

Once you’ve started your journey and are getting answers, you’ll find you have many more questions. The baby may have had the memories suppressed but you’ve now found a manner in which to recapture the realization that you can make your life anything you want. All you have to do is consciously consider your goals, process them with energy and then know that those desires are going to be met.

And remember, make sure that your goals are of a positive nature because as a creator you have the ability to create both the good and the bad in your life.


Remember, you, and only you, are responsible for your life!

How many times have you thought, “Why is this happening to me?” Not often, you think, but still there are times. Well, if you’ve ever had that thought even once, then you were not taking responsibility for your life. After all, it is the life you chose before agreeing to participate on earth. That’s right. You had creative choice then as now.

When you put that question out to the universe, you’re living as though you’re a victim of circumstance rather than a creator. It’s what someone else did to you. They did this action so you had to react. This just isn’t true. You were totally able to change whatever was done to you without having to defend your situation to anyone.

Look at this career illustration of what some perceive to be circumstance and see that there are more choices to be made concerning how to handle not just this life circumstance but any life situation.

You lose your job. It doesn’t matter what the reason. You can’t find a new job making the money you were making with your previous work. You need the same amount of money to care for your family. Do you sit down and give up? Well, that’s one choice.

Is the loss of your job your own doing? It may not look or feel like it now but yes, it is. At one time or another you may have put out the thought that you hated your occupation and wanted another. Guess what, as a creator, you started the ball rolling in order to get what you want from life.

“But,” you say, “this isn’t truly what I wanted. I didn’t want to lose my job.” In the heat of the moment when you wished your job be changed for a better one, you may not have prefaced your thought process with the fact that you really wanted a better job. Most people don’t. They just give their “I-hate-my-job” negative feelings their whole-hearted enthusiasm.

So, what are your choices in this situation? You need as much money as you had before and you can’t find another job in your field making the same. Two jobs, which is a possible second choice, are out of the question because you can’t work twenty-four, seven. There are only so many hours in the day to make that same amount of money.

A third choice might be giving up and letting others take care of you. This isn’t the choice most people love but it’s a choice nonetheless.

Your fourth choice might be finding another field of endeavor that pays the same amount or more.

Whatever choice you might make, give in to the experience of change that you asked for and go with it. Look your previous profession over and decide what you liked about it and what you detested.

Now you know what you don’t want and very much what you do. Think about careers close to or touching your previous job. Find one that encompasses the characteristics of a work environment in which you’d thrive. You probably have work acquaintance friends who can help you with job openings there. A little more working career education and you’ve gotten what you always desired.

As you’ve just experienced, to one life’s dilemma there are four choices but the list of options could go on and on. By knowing that you are a creator and capable of making a choice for every situation and then changing your mind if need be, you’re taking responsibility for your choices with forethought and intelligence. Plus you have your spirit working for you on a subconscious made conscious level.

Your spirit is going to access every bit of knowledge and help you get what you want. Words are very powerful and when you speak and do so from your heart, your thoughts manifest action.  Most often more quickly than you’d like.

A great example of this is the very strong emotion of anger.  Anger is one of the best mediums for creating change in your life because it brings emotion right to the front and adds impetus to any thought.

You’ve seen this happen when you felt that nothing was going right except for something like your refrigerator. When you expressed those sentiments of “What else can go wrong?” and then mentioned your refrigerator maybe being next to let you down, you generally had to call an appliance repair person within a couple of weeks.

Yes, you put the thought out there and it manifested. You just thought it was more bad luck when in reality it was your responsibility as a creator to create what you need in life, and perhaps having more problems is filling a spiritual need at the time. Wouldn’t you rather have spiritual needs be more positive?

Your true birthright is a gift of creativity for your life given by the universe and using that creativity responsibly. If you’re in disbelief that you create your own circumstances, then you are in serious danger of ticking off the universe.

When you realize that you are a creator and can make your life anything you long for it to be, then you are getting the most out of your life.

The universe, with you in mind, will sit back, like the omnificent presence it is and allow your choice whether it’s good or bad for you. What you make of a situation after making a specific choice is what your life is all about. It doesn’t mean you have to continue with that choice until you die. But it is your ability to change your mind, make a better choice and continue with that choice until you get what you desire.

Life’s trials are not about punishment for our choices. They’re about growth!

You’ve learned here that you are a creator and that you need to make responsible decisions on how to run your life. The way you live your life is a spiritual choice but that doesn’t mean that you are a good or an evil person. Good and evil rests in the thought processes of mankind. The universe, however, allows all actions so that everyone can learn to live in their best spirit. Your actions dictate to what degree you live spiritually.  Likewise, all your actions contribute to your spirituality.

Events in your life and in those around you lend to assisting you in the most important prospect in your life, the reason you came to earth.

What some consider circumstances are truly non-accidental incidents that occur so that we can learn from them. Either on the other side or on earth through what you might perceive to be dreams or déjà vu, you meet with kindred souls and set up challenges for your life in order to accomplish spiritual growth. How you act and react to these challenges dictates your spirit’s education while on earth.

Take this very severe example as an educational experience from which to grow. A mother backs up in her car and runs over and kills her small child. “What in the world can make this spiritual?” you ask.

Choices are made here. The mother made a decision to allow someone else to watch and know the whereabouts of her child. The child made a choice to run behind the vehicle. The mother made the choice to start the car and put it into reverse without looking behind her. The person who was supposed to be watching the child made the decision not to keep the child in sight. It all came down to a number of acts which concluded with a horrendous one, the death of a child. Repercussions will continue for as long as anyone remembers the child being run over, even by relatives’ years after all parties are dead when they relate the story in an effort to keep their own children safe.

Who wins in this situation? It looks as if no one does but in actuality, the lesson is great. The “punishment” for each of those people is that they have to live with the enormity of their decisions and in losing a precious human life. And they never get over it unless they learn from the situation. That’s the crux of the whole event; learning from your situation.

One might try to atone for their acts by inventing something like a back-up camera for automobiles. Whether they curled up in defeat or invented something to prevent another incident, they are learning that punishment is what you make it. Your mind is very powerful and can be a prison or can set you free.

Again, there is no right or wrong, there are just decisions. But the best manner in which to make those decisions can be summed up in The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But that doesn’t mean that you allow them to run over you. Learning to stick up for yourself can be one of those spiritual lessons you need to experience. Ultimately the lesson comes from living the life you think is your best creates the best manner in which to live.

Along life’s way, items and events will be thrown into your life for your spiritual growth. Even what society considers being the worst of mankind is still in the process of living a spiritual life too, even if it’s not one the normal person chooses to live.

Growing spiritually is almost like climbing a ladder. Most start on the lower rungs before progressing up the ladder. Killers and others from the dregs of society are included. These are people who are not as attuned to being humanely spiritual as others. The Golden Rule doesn’t apply to them. They use this life as something to assuage their greed.

Greed isn’t just for money. There is the greed for power. A person who commits unspeakable acts generally is a self-indulgent soul without thought for anything this earth has to offer except what it can do for them. Society, sometimes politely, tries to sweep this type person under the rug but they’re there nonetheless patiently waiting for the time they can use their lower-rung creativity.


Surely, you say, there has to be punishment for this person on some spiritual plane. Unlike lawful systems created by man, there’s no punishment from the universe for something you’ve done bad. There is however, a lesson brought on by your own soul in the form of karma. Every event in your life is taken into consideration with karma. All your thoughts, actions and reactions are part of your karma. At times, you may say karma’s a mean, but you created her. She’s that thing that follows you around like a shadow.

The universe, because of that learning thing spirit does when it comes to the earth, doesn’t create your bad karma for you. It allows you to make the choices that create your karma. And in some manner, you’ll face your own karma – good and bad – at some point. It may not happen in the same manner as you presented it originally, but it will occur.

Take the killer who has no regard for human or any life. He lives a life running rampant in his gluttonous ways until he’s captured, tried, convicted and killed. Maybe he even lives a full life without being caught. In another lifetime, he’s on earth and has moved up the spiritual rung of his ladder. Now he has a home, wife and precious little daughter. You’re beginning to see karma working, aren’t you?

Someone that was much like him or perhaps that mother who isn’t watching her child happens to be his wife and the life of his precious baby girl is taken. Would you say that’s punishment enough for a person like him although you didn’t get to see him charged, tried, found guilty and killed by the state? Now he has to live with the hurt, frustration, feelings of wanting revenge and on and on that he caused while alive in another less spiritual life. Repercussions for events caused always occur even though they may not be in the same manner as what was presented before.  But now, in this lifetime, this man knows and values the preciousness of life and love. More important, his spirit knows.

At the same time, karma can be learned and corrected in the same lifetime.  Everyday, someone somewhere is presented with the self-knowledge of their past careless acts that may have brought pain to others.  As they genuinely do all they can to correct those actions and to grow from that knowledge, they are addressing their karma.

How does one progress up the spiritual ladder? At any time that person on the lower step can learn what being a thoughtful, spiritual being means. All that has to be done is that the person looks their self over, forgives their self and asks to become a better person, and then proceed in that vein.

It’s just a choice.

Build the life you want while on Earth!

Knowing what you’ve learned now, you should realize that not building the life you want to enjoy on earth is one of the most damaging things to disrupt your universal right to a happy existence.

Since you’re a part of the universe, the universe expects that you’re entitled to have what you want in life whether you try to manifest good karma for yourself or not. The universe gets information from all you do as well as everything else that goes on within its boundaries, and in reality, it knows no boundaries.

It’s your life. Make it what you want.

So, to get what you desire in life, all it takes is to decide what that is, create it in your mind, and work towards making it a reality.  I know, it sounds simple, and in truth, it is. Keep your eyes on your goal even when it appears as though others create circumstances that you have to overcome. It’s not having problems come into your life, but rather the choice to stay wallowing in those problems without making an effort to alleviate them that brings about the less-than-ideal conditions in which so many seem to get stuck.

There are many ways in which to handle offsetting conditions. You can keep on with them as in the example of the job loss earlier, make a drastic change, decide to do something about it later or stand up for yourself and create change in your environment. All of these lend themselves to more spirit-filled education and spiritual growth.

An easy-to-understand sample lesson is this: Take a possessive spouse. Because you love them, you allow them to manipulate you daily into becoming more reclusive for fear of hurting their feelings.

Guess what, someone’s feelings are being stepped all over and it’s yours. You owe it to yourself to make a conscious decision on how you’ll handle the situation. Subconsciously allowing that situation to continue is something you’ll have to live again and again until you take the time to decide to change it. You’re sure to have some similar occurrence happen again until you stop, look the situation over and make a decision as to how you’ll handle it in order to use it as a positive experience and therefore change the pattern of occurrence. Your spirit lives from life to precious physical life. It alone retains knowledge of your spiritual evolution.

It’s your life. Make it what you want. Trying to live for someone or something else only makes your situation worse. Make a conscious decision to decide what you came to life to learn, how to go about doing so and how to create your best life.

The universe will smile with you!