As a medium and a psychic I’m going to divulge something I’ve found to be true.

As a medium and a psychic I’m going to divulge something I’ve found to be true. There are times that I read minds.

That would have to scare the beejesus out of people and most psychics are unaware that they even do this. Most often I don’t even think of it but there are times when I’m sure that’s what’s happening just like the day I stood at the kitchen cabinet grasping my heart thinking like Red Foxx that I was going home, like him. to his beloved, Elizabeth, in his sitcom. And it wasn’t even me. But the pain was real.

When I finally got my breath enough to think I asked where it was coming from and got the answer very quickly that it wasn’t me but someone I knew. Upon calling the person I found that they’d been standing by the cabinet thinking they’d bought the farm at the same time.

It’s a psychic connection, one that can sometimes be a little disconcerting when it involves something that scares the holy hello out of you. And that’s been happening to me for the past two and a half weeks. Something I thought I’d never say kept popping out of my mouth to a certain person until finally I realized it wasn’t my thought but his.

After saying it and taking that thought for granted as mine with panic one more time the realization came that it was a psychic connection on a mind-reading level. When I questioned him, he fessed up to having the thoughts for the time period I’d been hyperventilating. Its okay now because I know it was his thoughts not mine and I don’t have to right-eye-twitch or have trouble swallowing for a while longer because I asked for a reprieve of sorts.

Thank God I know I’m psychic. Otherwise I’d be going crazy trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.

Da Juana

P. S. Maybe I should have gone to my first or asked Gong Hee FoT Choy.