As a psychic and a medium out of ordinary events are something with which I constantly live.

As a psychic and a medium out of ordinary events are something with which I constantly live. Give me a good ghost or tell me something that’s happened to you and I’ll tell you why. That’s part of my line of work.

You name it; it’s probably happened to me and not the Hollywood version either. Although there have been people who thought that they might be living that reality until I told them simply how to fix it.

Since I’ve lived with this gift from before and after my birth I understand the differences metaphysical events have on people’s lives. You guessed it.  I’m getting ready to tell you about another of my experiences, don’t you?

Well, here goes. The other night I climbed into bed, a new one by the way….love the mattress. And when I turned over to get into a fetal position on my right side someone crawled into bed with me putting their knee into the small of my back on top of the covers. Don’t you just hate that? It wouldn’t have been so bad but there was no one in my home who was on the physical plane but me and my dog.

When I felt the ghostly invasion I knew exactly who it was and didn’t argue. One problem though.  I can’t stand the cover being too snug on me so I tried to pull it up to get a little more so that it wouldn’t be binding. Of course when someone has their knee pressed up against your back you can’t get the cover up. Knowing the bed linen wasn’t under me or anywhere that it couldn’t be brought up except for under his knee I told him to stop and the cover immediately released.

You notice I didn’t ask him to leave. That came later in the week. On another night about two later at three-thirty AM he climbed into bed with me again pushing into my body as he did so. No, not that way either. It was my leg.

That’s one way to awaken in not so good a frame of mind. As you want to say to a child, “Stop that and be still,” I wanted to admonish him but the pressure on my skin was an irritant so I told him, “Get off my cover and leave.” He did.

That’s when I noticed the clock. Now if you’ve been to any of my classes you know that between two and four in the morning is when ghosts like to visit the most because you’re more susceptible to their communications. Obviously I was but not in a great mood. Thus the leave the house moment. At least he’s leaving my dog alone.

Da Juana

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