As a psychic/medium…

As a psychic/medium I do readings for others, as you well know.  Sometimes I do them because ghosts visit and ask me.  At other times I give them because someone considered live has asked me to do so.  When I say considered live, it’s because, as you know already, we’re all spirits, some of us just have physical clothing. More... 

There are also times that I don’t say anything even when a ghost (spirit) taps me on the shoulder and requests it.  But most of the time, I do, because they can get a little more aggressive if I don’t.  Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost” can attest to that.  I thought they made the movie for me because I’ve had them sing to me a lot and at the most inopportune times.  It comes with the territory.  There is much more that I’ve seen them do but none of them ever tried to hurt anyone.  If you’ve read my book, “Ghosts Talk,” then you’ve read some of those events. 

When reading someone and getting information from their ghostly loved ones that seems a little unusual, I love hearing from the so-called live person because it gives me instant gratification.  I’m generally learning something new and it might be far out enough for me to question it logically.  Ghosts don’t lie to me.  It’s just my interpretation.  Information comes at me so quickly I have to decipher what I consider correct.  And I’ve had ghosts correct me too.  I’ve also had someone do something to me, wait for four or five years to return to see me because of what they did, and the ghost told on them.  Thankfully, that’s only happened about once.  The person fessed up the moment the ghost said it.  I didn’t remember but my spirit friends did. 

I’ve also had people misinterpret what I’ve said as I believe Ann did (don’t remember giving her a reading but believe I must have if she says so) who wrote a comment on my blog.  In the back of my mind and from my ghostly friends, I don’t believe I told her that she was Anne Frank.  (Since they’re telling me this, I must have given her a reading.)  Instead, I told her that she reminded me of Anne Frank, and I hope I’m getting this right now, in that she had to be secretive in order to survive.  At least that’s what I’m getting.  And I can only go by that.

I think most good psychics have had to live with some misinterpreting or not wanting to hear what we’ve said.  An instance is my giving a reading at a convention.  I gave the woman the name of her male business partner and she told me she had none.  I’m used to people thinking there is no way I could’ve gotten that so I try to be patient.  The next day she apologized and told me I was right. 

My prayer is that I always uplift people with my readings and that I say things that help rather than to hurt.  Another part of my prayer is that I give the best reading I’ve ever given to the person I’m about to read.  Although I’ll never be perfect in my readings, I strive to be.  No psychic is one-hundred-percent but I wish I were.

Happy Halloween,

Da Juana