As you well know, I sometimes answer readers’ questions….

As you well know, I sometimes answer readers’ questions when those inquiries are pertinent information for teaching. Suffice it to say, I got a great question from a person who needs an answer.

Her question is below:
“I was wondering, if life is eternal and since you say people are similar to the way they were when they were living will my schizophrenic grandmother still suffer from the same delusions? Will she ever be freed from her paranoia?”

See, I told you that it was a good one.

Feeling as if I’m channeling Johnny Carson with an envelope to his head, here’s the answer I get from the other side and I’m throwing in what I saw when I looked at Ronald Regan after he’d left this world.

On the other side, a soul might keep the intensity of the earth’s embodiment for a short time, meaning that your grandmother would only keep up the schizophrenia for a little while until she realized that she no longer had to be burdened by that disease.

As most know, Ronald Regan had Alzheimer’s. When he died it took him about three days to realize he was a perfect soul without limitations of earthly disease.
It’s the same with other spirits who’ve crossed over. Just like changing clothes to get into bed at night, it takes a minimum of time according to how you feel. If you’re ill, it might take a little longer but if you feel fine then jumping out of jeans and shirt into pajamas, if you wear them, takes no time at all.

Also, on the eternal life question, we are spirits first and physical second. There are many physical lives but your soul is ever-evolving while wearing those bodies and in-between lives.

And to answer your question about when your grandmother gave up or will give up the paranoia, it was/is two days after her death. Didn’t you notice the light that looks like it’s on a pole in the corner shudder? That was her and she knew full-well that she was causing it. And, if her death/rebirth hasn’t yet happened, then you have this confirmation for which to look forward.

And, no, I can’t always tell when a person is so-called alive because spirit can come to me in varying manner even when they’re what we perceive as alive. Unless the spirit says I’m dead or tells me how they died, then they’re all the same to me.

Thanks for sharing a great question.

Da Juana

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