Asking you?

Thank goodness, I think, that you like to listen to me. Otherwise, I am doing this blog for nothing. And so I decided today to ask you what about me interests you? People have never said that I lack for confidence but in asking you this, I might get my confidence shaken. But I still have faith that you will tell me.

I remember one day when I was doing readings at a psychic fair. It was right after I had come out of the psychic closet. My husband had just started fronting for me. What I mean by fronting is that he was setting my appointments and keeping me on time. I tend to go over when I am reading for others. So, I didn’t get many bathroom breaks. Also, I think that was my little power play where he was concerned in that he couldn’t keep me from going over.

Anyway this woman came in to the fair, walked over to my poor husband and in a very loud voice, announced, “Da Juana did a reading for me. I got two other readings around the same time. Those two psychics told me the very same thing but she told me something very different.”

Claude is sweating. Not only is he trying to help me in my career but he is trying to keep up with appointments too. Here this woman is yelling above the crowd that I was the psychic who didn’t go along with two others. Of course, you can see him thinking, if she is going to be talking about my wife, I wish she would be a little quieter with her disemboweling of my wife. I am behind him reading and because I am the psychic I am, I just kept on going with the person in my chair while my poor husband was taking the brunt of what he considered loud criticism, that is, until the woman continued while pointing around the room. Still using that loud voice, she broadcast, “And she was the only one that was right. I will be coming to her from now on.”

Bless Claude’s heart, my little marketer, I’m sure he breathed easier and the sweating stopped. 

But that is just a story, back to you. What would you like me to discuss in the future?

Da Juana

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  1. Replylguyader
    What it is that I enjoy about your blogs is that you are always so honest. Even you have times of unclarity, not sure where your future lies. That is where I am right now and to read that you go through the same is reasurring. You give me humour, stronger sprituality. It helps me to keep the faith that all will work out. Even today you have shown that even you have stress at your work place. I like to hear the ghost stories and when you write about people you have met along your journeys. It is a good way to start my day and helps me to keep going in a positive way. You were so kind to answer my question about my dog Sidney and I could not believe that you took the time out of your day to answer a perfect stranger and make them feel better for that I will be forever grateful. I remeber your words everyday that I miss him. "If I am sad so will he be". So I try very hard not to be sad in my memories of him". With so much stress in my life right now it helps to read your blog. Thanks so very much Linda
  2. Replyjff0319
    I enjoy reading your blog because of your wit and your honesty! The way you write about things sometimes puts my life into perspective. It kinda helps me live for today....since i don't know what's around the corner :) I have loved listening to you for years on the Russ Martin Show, The Scott Kluth radio show, and was even lucky enough to attend a seminar at your home. You have the spark in your eye that I strive for on a daily basis! Some of the things I'm interested in are are spirit guides, ghosts, karma, etc. I guess I'm searching for something more in my spirituality. BUT don't stop writing about your regular make me smile!

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