When I see a baby and stop to say hi, I generally get the sense of who they were before they were born to this life especially if they want me to recognize them. This is not something I always share with the parent however. And sometimes I get the same with animals.

My Mysti lived with me before as Ms. Muffin Byrd. Even though they are the same spirit, they have different lessons to learn this time so they have similar characteristics with some new ones added. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss Muffin. She was a real character. But Mysti is all she was and more too.

Babies do the same. When a baby is very small, the spirit reincarnated is so strong that the characteristics of the person that was is so strong that you can’t help but feel them. Being a psychic empath means when you are around that child, all the old memories of their former life floods you. It is like watching a movie and becoming immersed in it.

And you know what? I love it.

Da Juana