Not all babies are alike.  Take my two grandsons, for instance.  Adam, the oldest of my daughter’s boys, was the one we thought would be driving before giving up the breast or nin nin, as we so aptly called it.  Then along came Gentry, her second and last, uh huh.More...

This young man gave his mother fits.  If you’ve ever been put down by anyone of the male persuasion, then you will totally understand that my daughter felt a little betrayed by her own son totally rejecting her breast.  Aren’t kids supposed to want nin nin naturally?  I mean most males do, don’t they, from the day their born and forever?

Well according to the lactation specialist, not all.  Some have nipple confusion.  Wow!  Who would have known?  In my grandmother’s day, she had a 15 pound boy while washing clothes down by the creek.  No only that but, he started nursing almost immediately.

But in Gentry’s defense, don’t you love the name, he had some problems after being born and was in the hospital with RSV.  With his little nose so stopped up, a bottle seemed to be better.  So my daughter, the wonderful mother she is, did what a good mother should and hooked herself up like a Guernsey making food for the human race and made sure he still got her good mother’s milk. 

So there you have it.  A boy who wanted a bottle instead of nin nin.  That is until the other day when he exercised his right to suddenly change his mind and told his mother to give it up again.

Men—even the young ones—-always want what they think they can’t have.

Da Juana