Baby below the age of two

What is it about people that they think they ought to kiss someone else’s baby, and I mean a baby below the age of two, in the mouth?  Don’t they know they can give all kinds of germs to a little one?  Or is it because they just want to kiss up the baby?More... 

It’s probably the latter but you have to use some common sense.  Many times I’ve seen babies that I wanted to hug and kiss but I refrain because I know some of the consequences.  My youngest grandson has RSV because of some well-meaning person who hugged him up while they had a “sinus infection.”  Of course they weren’t really sick but he got massively ill and even hospitalized around the age of one month.  Since then the RSV has returned again and again. 

The reason for my outburst is because my daughter called me yet again on her way to the doctor with our youngest.  She went shopping last week where her friend, after watching the baby while she was shopping elsewhere for a second, boasted of sugaring him in the mouth about twenty times.  At a wedding this weekend, she constantly told people to quit grabbing her toddler and kissing him on the mouth.  That was on Saturday, just enough time to incubate. 

On those occasions I see a baby I must touch, I generally won’t touch any part of them but if I just have to, I’ll touch the bottom of its shoe.  Even then I try to make sure the baby isn’t old enough to put the shoe into his or her mouth.  My thing is talking to them through mental speech.  You know I’ve told you about children locking eyes and talking to me.  Then, their mother’s turn to see to whom their child is paying attention.  Children and I have been caught on many occasions.

Well, I guess I’ve gotten it out now.  Some people just don’t think and the child has to pay for it.  Some of my other pet peeves are people who pick up your small dog because they’re beautiful too.  You know I have some experience with that too, don’t you? 

Da Juana