Barking dogs…..

Barking dogs can drive a whole neighborhood crazy and it’s all because the people they trust and love leave them alone for long periods of time.  Then when those same people are around so that they could take a few moments with their lonely friend?, they don’t.  Not even a kind word or a smile.More...

But, you say!  They’re giving them a home.  Are they really?  They’re giving them a place to stay but not necessarily a warm, loving, kind environment. 

If we see someone who has dogs in a deplorable condition or someone, like you’ve seen on the news, that looks like they have no care for themselves let alone the animals they keep, we’re in an uproar.  But, when we see someone who looks like us and has a beautiful dog in the back yard, then we know they must be good to that animal.  Right!  Not everybody considers dog’s rights.  I know, I know.  People have too many rights now.  

But consider this, if you saw a dog in a hot car, on a one hundred degree day, with the windows rolled up, what would you do?  On the other hand, we don’t even chastise a person who has an animal who barks all day and all night because they want some company, especially if you don’t know the neighbor.

Know this.  Dogs, as does everything else, come from the same spark of God that we humans do.  There is nothing God doesn’t touch.

Da Juana