Beaches come into my mind more and more lately.  Listening to the waves rolling in and feeling that ocean breeze on my face.  I’m in heaven.  But wait, as the hawkers say when trying to sell you something you don’t really need.  I’m still here at my desk writing this blog.  Seafood and waves are far, far away.More...

But wait!  The mind is an extraordinary thing.  It can help you put all your cares away for a moment while you let your spirit wander.  So, a little meditation and I can go anywhere.  Think I’ll go to Spain next.  You want to come.

Da Juana 

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  1. Replyfabalossue
    When you wrote this blog I was just getting back from the beach, Fort Walton Beach, Florida... right next to Destin Fl. I love the beach and watching the waves come in and out. Its especially beautiful right before sunrise and during sunrise, so peaceful and soothing to the soul. When on the beach I am in awe of God and his creations... I got a chill all over, on the beach in 100 degree weather, just thanking God for the many blessings that he has given me. Hope you get to soon.

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