Beards and moustaches….

Beards and moustaches are beautiful on men.  That’s my opinion.  Of course you know I’d think that because of my husbands handsomely coifed face.  He makes me say handsome.  I generally say pretty but he says men aren’t pretty.  They’re handsome.  So I had to say it that way because you see, I kinda owe him.More...

Since Claude had the stroke and can’t see well, he’s learned to do so many things again.  One of those is cutting his beard and his moustache.  For a while, he looked like Batman’s Joker because he would cut one side of his moustache up so that he had a permanent grin.  The first time I let it go but the second, I had to call attention to so that he never did that again.  People stare at us enough because he’s handicapped when we go out that we don’t need to add to their rudeness by giving him the Joker’s grin.  Besides, this psychic isn’t always nice to those staring.  I have little patience then.  A moment is okay but don’t dawdle. 

But I digress.  The Joker grin was his fault.  My fault was one of pure, I don’t want to say disregard, instead let’s say it was a momentary lapse of judgment.  Yeah that sounds good.  Claude now relies on things remaining the same so that he is capable of keeping up on his own.  That’s where the lapse comes in.  I asked if I could borrow his clippers for a few minutes, think it was to do something for the puppies or maybe to cut some kind of hair, don’t remember what exactly.  What I do remember now is that I forgot to put the guard, which regulates how close he cuts his beard, back on the clippers. 

If his sight was better, then it would have been no problem but under the circumstances I gave the lookey-lous a good sight when we next went out.  He cut half his beard and moustache off before he figured out that the guard was gone.  Well, it was a lot shorter than the other side, let’s just say. 

I haven’t lived it down yet.  So for heaven’s sake, if you borrow your husband’s clippers, put the guard back on.  You’d have thunk I borrowed his razor.  And what’s up with that anyway?  When a man says a woman dulls his razor from using it on her legs and his beard is a lot coarser, I just don’t get that.

Da Juana