Because we get so caught up in shopping during this wonderful holiday season

Because we get so caught up in shopping during this wonderful holiday season, I thought that maybe we ought to discuss what these seasons really mean.

And if you think I’m going all religious on you, then think again. As we’ve debated before I’m all about spirituality and not religion.

Spirituality only cares about intelligent consciousness which is the Creator and binds us all together within his and/or her spirit or energy. It doesn’t matter what you call this Creator but it does matter that you’re mindful of this energy.

We’re all tied together through evolution although I believe that a consciousness of a divine nature knows enough to make nature in all its finery and has devised everything we need to exist on this beautiful planet of ours.

How can you not believe this when you note that the very trees that throw off oxygen as a waste product allows us animals to subsist right alongside them. Further everything needed to live we can produce from our earth. An entity greater than me had to have thought of all the little intricacies of life.

It didn’t create murder but it did condone food choices. It didn’t create malice of any kind nor greed but it did give us eyes to see and a mind with which to think along with the rest of our senses. We humans decided to favor some of the lesser emotions which stem from greed but we have the right to make those choices, again a gift. This beneficent soul through evolution created everything we need and left it up to us to care for our home, the earth which included all other creatures inhabiting our home. But as we’ve found through the years, humans are some of the less caring of the bunch when you look at our earthly picture.

But back to the holiday season. You see how easily I can become side-tracked. This time of year is a time to celebrate whatever entity we think enhances and helps us trek through our lives. To my way of thinking, that supreme consciousness gave us this world so that we could co-exist and live out our lives making choices as to what’s best for each of us without hurting our planet or others.

My thoughts are that our holidays have become too commercial and we don’t really remember the good parts of our spiritual ancestry. Being grateful, charitable and most of all happy with the manner in which we live is all that God requests.

So, to each of you, whatever you believe, let’s think about what God really means to us and be appreciative with smiles coming from our deepest emotions because of it.

With that I say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Da Juana

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