Being a medium and a psychic…….

You’ve heard me mention before how much I love being who I am, a medium and a psychic. I’ve also said that being what I am hasn’t always been easy because people are frightened of me. That’s only because even when they believe in me and what I do they don’t understand how I do what I do. So I have to be understanding of them.

Many times I’ve mentioned the responsibility behind the gifts I have and how I owe it to God and the people with whom I work to do the best I can, which is also my prayer. By the way, some don’t believe that I even pray but again, that’s understanding the gift.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’m reclusive but I am and that comes with the job, I think, although my friend, Connie, is very friendly to everyone. Don’t get me wrong I’m very friendly but I don’t allow the rare closeness I have with a few family and friends and I’m about to tell you why.

You may have already guessed that closeness with others can bring hurt; personal, deep hurt. That’s because as the psychic and medium I am I already know certain things about the person’s future I may not even discuss with them. That’s not always fun but I need to know even when I’m shrinking back emotionally thinking how can I do without them or go through the hurt?

Last week I had just that type thing happen. When I went out with my friend dancing I picked up my phone and thought that I should take it. Then I looked at it, put it down and thought that I could get the bad news tomorrow because there’d be nothing I could do that night. But really I got it that night when I got in and called my daughter back after she’d called several times right after I’d left.

She told me in her sweet way that she’d tried to get in touch and in no uncertain terms that she was to have my friend’s phone number from now on. I guess that’s her way of telling me she loves me. At any rate she mentioned that she was worried about my mother whom I’d just spoken of with about three people in the prior two weeks because I knew I was about to get bad news involving her. But I hadn’t mentioned it to my daughter.

Because my daughter really knew nothing other than some vague things my mother had mentioned I struck out traveling towards her the very next morning. On the way I called and asked my stepfather where she was and he replied she was going into the hospital for test. He didn’t know the reason but I did. My mother had what they say was a minor stroke (really, there is no minor stroke to my way of thinking) and thankfully she’s getting better now day by day.

So you can see why loving others and letting them close can have side effects when you’re a medium and a psychic like me.

Da Juana

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