Being a medium…..

Being a medium can sometimes have its drawbacks but I seem to be a riot at a party and not as you might think. As soon as someone finds out what I am (sounds inhuman, doesn’t it?), they’re instantly interested, want me to tell them something but apprehensive at the same time. It’s according to how I feel at the time and what ghost walks in as to how I handle the party situation.

At times my home seems to be a ghostly party with all manner of people from the other side meandering through the house. Really they’re a comfort to me and I’m glad they’re here especially when it’s my brother, my father or one of my precious reborn dogs.

Most ghosts are very considerate but some are a little more demanding just as some human party goers are. That doesn’t mean they’re bad. It simply means they want my attention for some reason. And that’s exactly what’s been happening around here lately.

It could be because my brother told me he was going to help me with a problem I have right now but I don’t think so. At any rate, this very good looking, in his own way, man of about five-eight or nine, early thirties or late twenties, huge muscles (is this wishful thinking?) caught my attention the other night. He was bent over with his hands on the cabinet looking into my eyes with a steadfast gaze. His well manicured dark hair was parted from right to left with a Tom Cruise-ish flair. He stared for what seemed to be twenty minutes but I know it wasn’t.

At the time I figured if he wanted to do anything but stare he’d come back to see me so I didn’t ask anything of him. And he did return the next night looking as solidly human as you or me, except for the going through walls thing. He told me that he was a bodyguard. Well, okay then! Obviously he thinks I need protecting because he didn’t say anything else. After his telling me he was a bodyguard I thought that he really did look the part except for the light blue tank top he wore that showed his muscular frame.

It’s a joy being me. I don’t have to go anywhere for partying. All kinds of interesting people come visit my home.

Da Juana