Being held down in her bed by a ghost

A friend told me that someone she knew was being held down in her bed by a ghost. There have been numerous tales of this happening. It’s what Hollywood loves because then they can scare the beejebers out of you and get paid for it.

My first question to my friend was, “Has the lady felt bad about herself lately?” You see when we feel guilt or anger at ourselves we can manifest energy so that it does unkind things to us. A poltergeist is the same type manifestation and generally involves children.

Since we’re all energy, everything really is, we create our lives. I could go you one better. Since we’re all part of God (called by whatever name), we’re able to manifest our lives in a positive or negative fashion. Duh, let me see, I want the positive.

If you don’t think you’re a creator, then remember when you’ve mouthed something only to have it confirmed within a few days. It can have anything to do with life from winning at gambling to feeling your automobile is about to give up the ghost. When you think it and then mouth it, you put it into action.

You can even manifest energy from your own energy to do what you consider should happen in your life because of your actions, good or bad. If you think you’re bad, then you are. If you think you’re good, then you are. As Descartes said, “I think, therefore, I am.”

Now manifest good for you.

Da Juana

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