Being psychic.

I really do love it. I love seeing and talking with the other side too. And I love helping others but, sometimes………

When someone new meets me, instantly ghostly family members and loved ones come too. This happens even when someone I have known for years is around but most often when I meet someone new because the ones who have known me for years have dead loved ones who know I will see them again. So they aren’t too worried about rushing to have me tell them something.

Even when meeting a new person, I may not tell them about the dead loved one unless that dead person is very persistent. Sometimes even pets keep on until I mention them to the person I have just met. But most of the time I am silent.

People, when they find out I am a psychic, tend to request that I give them information right then and there. Sometimes I do if I think they need it but there are times I tell them to make an appointment. Just like a doctor or any other professional person, I have times I like to play without working. I do find, however, that I am an easy touch and will give information when I feel the need. Most often when I think someone can’t afford my rates, I tend to try to help them when I see them. But just like anyone else, I can get tired too.

Another fun term, yeah! I just love it, is, “Well you are psychic. You should know.” I probably do but I don’t want to have to work to get there.

Sorry you get to hear me vent today.

Da Juana