Since I was a child, I’ve always known that if I believed I could do something, it was as good as done.  Because of this Claude has always told me that he perceived that I was a person who believed I knew everything.  That can’t be further from the truth.  I know that living brings new knowledge each day.  The day I discover I know everything will be the day I become omnipotent.  And though I strive for that day to come, I know it is a journey. More... 

Even God, being a part of all that is, learns each day.  Why do you think he was so joyous in the Bible about making man?  He knew that man would find new and enlightening manners in which to learn.  More than a parent able to watch his children grow, God was actually a part of those children and got to see first-hand through all our eyes.  Now expand that just a little.  He knows every fallen sparrow.  How exactly do you think God knows that?  Because He’s omnipotent?  In my way of thinking, it’s because each and everything is a part of Him. 

Physics shows this to be true.  Everything is made up of the same subatomic material.  Though we can’t see this material, all of it is part of God’s scheme of things.  Physics even points to why I’m around, seeing and talking with ghosts and all.  We’re really only touching the hem of His garment as Jesus said.  Religion and physics explain one another.  Why is it so hard to see?

Da Juana