Benazir Bhutto

Let’s use the horrible death of Benazir Bhutto to show you know how I make world predictions.  Normally I start a couple days before I make my predictions and allow the other side to talk.  Not only that but when I start to make predictions I generally like a world map close. More... 

A day or two before Ms. Bhutto was killed and before I’d done my predictions I was trying to get in the mode to do my predictions when I saw an explosion.  It was funny that I’d just heard something about Pakistan on the news but I didn’t put two and two together at the time because I wasn’t going to do my predictions right then.  I did, however, think that Benazir Bhutto would be killed when I saw her on the news.    

At that time, I heard something about an explosion with the explosives having a Japanese connection, maybe made in Japan, but isn’t almost everything now?  Maybe it wasn’t Ms. Bhutto I was seeing after all but I sure hope that Japan doesn’t have problems later with explosives.

After her death, when it was announced they would probably put off the election so that Ms. Bhutto’s party could find a replacement, I told Claude that her husband would do it.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  It’s her son and husband.  But here’s another prediction.  There will be another attempt upon her family, which I find not only atrocious just because it’s human beings behaving worse than they say animals do but also because it’s another of her family these killers are terrorizing.  Aren’t her father and her enough? 

Maybe I’ve been in the United States long enough to take for granted people’s rights.  I do remember though that we’ve had some of the same things happen here:  John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and someone taking potshots at Ronald Regan, not to mention Martin Luther King.  In what part of a person’s heart can they really make the decision that they are correct in deciding to kill a political figure and carrying out the act?  Why can’t they just vote them out?  Oh, I’m not really ignorant.  I know there are countries where citizens have no real say but still……….

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s much easier for me to have a person sitting in front of me or on the phone and do predictions for them.  With the world, I have to skip around and sometimes what I think is one prediction may be part of another. 

Anyway, I just wanted you to have a little insight into my prediction making and to let you know that I have made my 2008 predictions after Ms. Bhutto was killed and they’re up now.

Happy New Year

Da Juana